What is LINX

LINX is an innovation platform within the field of materials – i.e. working with products, process equipment, etc. This is what we do:

  • We help companies get expertise from universities in the easiest and cheapest way
  • We mediate companies access to university facilities, their equipment and know-how
  • We take a lead on getting funding for the collaboration. Specifically, we author applications, insofar it can be done with any particular project case

Our area of operation is physical products and process equipment (i.e. materials). We generally help companies with (1) product development, (2) lifetime assessments, (3) documentation data or (4) troubleshooting.

The tool that we use is X-rays. Basically, it is a microscope that sees not only surfaces but also what is going on inside things, invisibly to the naked eye. One advantage is that X-rays are non-destructive, i.e. the product/equipment piece remains intact.

LINX has three avenues of operation, as linked to below:

  • “Solutions” (help company innovation, obtain funding)
  • “Learning” (get knowledge out there)
  • “Promotion” (outreach & media campaigning)

Mission and Scope

  • LINX brings materials research to your company in a cheap and easy way, to aid your innovation processes and product development
  • LINX strikes a path to university researchers who can help your company on materials challenges
  • LINX assists with getting public funding, if at all possible for the collaboration project
  • LINX promotes the use of X-rays and neutron radiation for industrial applications

The working principle of LINX is that in order to get around the challenges with products or process machinery, it is necessary to fundamentally know and understand the microscopic integrity of the item in question. That is where most opportunities (or troubles) begin.


LINX is a non-profit association of which companies, universities and others are members. This is the umbrella under which all projects, collaborations and fundraising takes place. Read more about memberships below – we have kept their costs at a minimum.

The LINX core organization consists of mediators, materials specialists and communications people incl. journalists.

From this base, LINX branches out towards its three main university partners which are the national strongholds on X-rays and materials expertise. These are the Technical University of Denmark, University of Copenhagen and Aarhus University. They are the “factory floor” of LINX and the active collaboration partners to companies. The LINX Association itself is the facilitator and the glue.


LINX has a very broad range of members, including multiple companies – everything from micro-SMEs to international corporations – alongside universities, major research facilities and a number of sponsors, led by the Confederation of Danish Industry. The vast majority of these have actively carried out projects mediated by LINX on materials, products, processes, equipment, etc. The aims have been diverse – including new products, faster-to-market, improved production, warranty decisions, building investor material, development of sales strategies, unlocking pending orders, and much more. All have been assisted by the funding opportunity provided through the LINX platform.