Welcome to Thomas Lykke-Møller Sørensen

Thomas Lykke-Møller Sørensen
We are happy to announce that Thomas Lykke-Møller Sørensen has joined the LINX team as LINX Project leader. Thomas is returning to Aarhus University from a position as Principal Scientist at the Diamond Light Source synchrotron in the UK, where he for more than a decade has managed and developed beamlines for Macromolecular Crystallography (MX). His latest beamline project has been the build and commissioning of a new type of beamline dedicated to in situ MX – the VMXi beamline.

Thomas also has a strong background in functional and structural membrane protein characterisation, and will in Aarhus be focusing research on neuronal membrane-protein complexes.

We look forward to the collaboration!

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