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Hazel Reardon

Credit: LINX.

It is a pleasure to welcome Hazel to the LINX team as LINX branch manager at Aarhus University. Hazel was awarded her Masters degree from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK) in 2008, which included a one year industrial placement at INEOS Technologies (Grangemouth, UK). Thereafter, she spent two years working in the nuclear industry at Sellafield Ltd. (Cumbria, UK), where she was part of the Operations and Technical Support teams for nuclear fuel reprocessing. Hazel returned to Glasgow in 2010 to begin her industrially funded PhD at the University of Glasgow on inorganic solid state hydrogen storage materials in collaboration with Airbus (EADS). After successful completion of her PhD in 2014, she then moved to Aarhus University to take up a postdoc position within the group of Bo Brummerstedt Iversen, and has since moved in to the position of Research and Center Manager within the Department of Chemistry at Aarhus.

Hazel has practical experience at large scale international synchrotron and neutron facilities across the globe. Her most recent research has focused on thermoelectric materials and thermal stability studies thereof using a combination in-house thermal analysis methods and multi-temperature synchrotron studies. Her career in both industry and research is, therefore, well suited to the ethos of the LINX project.

We look forward to the collaboration!

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