Three lighthouses light the path towards the European Spallation Source

ESS, by Perry Nordeng
Credit: Perry Nordeng, ESS.

In Ingeniøren we can read that the Danish research lighthouses will prepare to make the most of the European Spallation Source, ESS, which is being built in Lund, Sweden. The world’s most powerful neutron-radiation source will be ready here in 2023.

Specifically, the article mentions Q-MAT manager, Kim Lefmann, who, in December, was chosen to head the third ESS lighthouse. He is to collect researchers to study magnetism and quantum materials, and will, among others, hire postdocs and Ph.D.-students. Furthermore, the Danish top-scientist from École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne (EPFL), Henrik Rønnow will also be linked to Q-MAT.

It can also be read, in Ingeniøren, that the three existing lighthouses will be joined by a fourth lighthouse within biology and/or health-sciences.

The article explains, with both illustrations and text, how the European Spallation Source works. Among other things, it explains that protons are accelerated to 96 % the speed of light, while the illustrations show how it is done. The ESS-Lighthouse is in fact not a real lighthouse, but a frontrunner of research or research environments within life sciences and new advanced materials. The “lighthouses” are part of the Danish ESS-strategy.

Read the article: ESS går under jorden og skyder i højden and Tre fyrtårne skal lede til nyt svensk neutronstrålingsanlæg.

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