The LINX Association Impact report is finally out! Read all about the significance of the LINX Project in the last 5 years.



The LINX impact report is finally ready for the world to read. This report is made at the final phase of the LINX Project and shows important aspects of the impact of the whole LINX initiative and stakeholders.

This report of the LINX Project ranging from 2016 to 2021 is made to give a clear picture about the impact, values and findings of the LINX Project and the LINX Association as an intermediary organisation for the innovation ecosystem across academic institutes and related industry, and European large-scale research facilities.

The Impact report explains the important and unique role LINX Association have been to bridge the gap between private and public R&D and to facilitate a network for an effective innovation ecosystem. The LINX Project has worked to become a critical role within the Danish technological innovation ecosystem, especially within the material science field, and has shown both large companies and small firms within the Danish industry the unique value of conducting valuable research within X-ray and neutron science.

The reader will get to understand how LINX has proactively initiated, organized, and coordinated various activities that created impact not only on partner universities, company partners and members, but also a far wider range of influences onto other research institutes, created an extended network of researchers and R&D managers, and educated many young talents in material science through education, as well as promote the industrial use of European large-scale research facilities of X-ray and neutron for the Danish industry.

Read the full Impact report here.

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