ESRF is back!

ESRF in Grenoble, France
Grenoble, France, and ERSF on the right (the circle).
Credit: P. Jayet, ESRF.

After a long upgrade, the pan-European synchrotron the ESRF (in Grenoble) is back and kicking. Seriously kicking. The people down there have taken the technology developed for MAX IV in Lund and used it to create one of the most fantastic X-ray facilities in the world. Whereas MAX IV is a medium-sized machine, the ESRF is… big. And with size comes potential, as is so often the case in life. We and the universities are therefore extremely excited to be able to resume project activities down there. Just to mention one feature, a new engineering beamline enables X-ray imaging (“3D microscopy”) on life-sized objects up half a meter in size. That is BIG, and enough for – say – a pump, a thermo-generator or part of a window frame. Anyone interested?

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