Strong research networks boost entrepreneurship

LINX CEO Jacob Becker-Christensen
LINX CEO Jacob Becker-Christensen.
Credit: Jesper Voldgaard.

Danish Industry, DI, recently presented its proposal for an entrepreneurship policy. DI correctly points out that Denmark can extract even more from university research and they present proposals for achieving that. But they forget an important tool: stronger research networks.

Denmark has several transnational networks, where all university researchers within a field takes part. However, only a few networks have public mandates, responsibilities, and funds. Most are unfunded and thus have no opportunity to solve national challenges within their field. But a research community is perfectly equipped to define such problems, even if the specific solutions of course depend on the field. But for the researchers involved they are obvious, as my example will show. For we have the answer and the recipe for such a funded network. The name is DanScatt.

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