Persistent Inventor Wants to Solve Climate Change

Photo: Jacob Becker-Christensen, LINX.

Danish newspaper Horsens Folkeblad printed a spread on June 14, 2020 about Frichs Pyrolysis, a company based in Horsens and co-owned by Ove Kudahl Munch. LINX helped him develop his invention: biochar made via pyrolysis. Biochar is both a high quality fertilizer and simultaneously extracts CO2 from the atmosphere.

Frichs Pyrolysis runs on chicken dung, but can also run on other forms of biomass, e.g. slurry or plant residues such as straw or wood chips.
Pyrolysis is the gasification of biomass at high temperatures without oxygen.

LINX put Ove Kudahl Munch in touch with X-ray researchers. The researchers are able to examine the biochar’s porousness and determine the availability of the nutrients.

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