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The LINX Association is the platform for Linking Industry to Neutrons and X-rays.
LINX is the focal point for creating commercial value through innovative material science solutions based on advanced neutron & X-ray technology in collaboration with facilities, such as MAX IV, ESS and XFEL.

The LINX Association is the platform for Linking Industry to Neutrons and X-rays

The LINX Association was established in spring 2016 to encompass “The LINX Project” funded by the Danish Innovation Fund (IFD) for a period of 5 years (2016-2021).

LINX Organisation

LINX is an independent non-profit association

LINX was established to serve as a framework for an application to the Innovation Fond Denmark. Winning the proposal caused the association to be founded and the project portfolio contained in the application was placed within LINX. Following this, the administration and management function was filled and the further elements of LINX could be evaluated and defined.

The LINX project is unique in several ways:

  • Focus is on industry pull. This is directly reflected in the governance structure and in a coupling to commercial research.
  • Relevant university groups and competences have joined forces to create a “one-stop-shop” with access to a wide range of imaging, small-angle-scattering and diffraction methods, thereby covering all length scales and most of the analytical methods offered by the facilities.
  • In addition to providing services for R&D divisions at industry, LINX actively seeks to be of benefit within production. This may shorten the time to commercial impact and lead to an increased visibility of the novel methods among top management.

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LINX Projects

Externally funded projects

Projects performed on the neutral ground that LINX provides with one or more external funding channels. The project governance, financials, administration and coordination is performed by the LINX Management and the association take active part in the projects to the level needed. Subjects like contracting, collaboration, intellectual properties, confidentiality, applications and communication can be covered by the LINX services. The most important goal is to create value and impact.

Contract research projects

Based on initial activities in LINX or bespoke industry needs and requirements, LINX will identify the best match between industry and academia. These projects are often performed in a direct relationship between the industry and a university but LINX can support the process.


Being problem and solution oriented, LINX can offer an informal activity to try out an analysis or test at the university facilities. It is thought to be a proof-of-concept that is free of charge and can lead to further LINX project activities.

Outreach Projects

LINX has a budget for outreach projects, where industry partners can cooperate with one or more universities to create a demonstration project. The project suggestion will need approval from the LINX Outreach Committee and will need to be public. Following the approval, a simple demonstration agreement need to be signed and then the project activity will be free of charge.

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The LINX project

There are four types of projects based on industry-university collaboration in LINX.

LINX Facilities

The LINX Facilities will act as the accelerator for bringing the industry and research centers together to explore the potentials of synchrotrons and neutron sources as unique analytical tools to better understand materials.

Understanding materials is the key enabler within a range of industry sectors of critical importance. Many companies are daily challenged to develop advanced materials and materials processes with a competitive advantage in a global economy.

Advanced material science research can be performed on the large-scale neutron and X-ray facilities at the nearby MAX IV and ESS in Lund and the European XFEL in Hamburg. However, often only a handful of companies will have the resources and skills required to use these facilities unaided. Northern Europe has an unusually high concentration of strong competency centers at the universities with an expertise in neutron and X-ray techniques.

As the different LINX partners such as universities, industry, GTS and joint LINX projects need access to facilities at different times, for different purposes and at different scale, LINX Facilities will support and coordinate access and use of facilities within different categories:

  • Large scale facilities (MAX IV, ESS, XFEL, ILL, etc.)
  • Small scale facilities at the universities
  • Facilities available in industry, primarily with LINX members
  • LINX facilities: Offices, meetings, workshops, courses

LINX Facilities will ease and enable the use of facilities for all members so resources, value and quality is at the highest level possible. For verification and validation of LINX deliveries, other technologies and facilities may be utilised.

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LINX Academy

The main objective of LINX Academy is to provide training, awareness and competence improvement regarding advanced neutron & X-ray technology based on the industry’s needs and requirements to embrace the technical know-how and usability of the methods.

LINX Academy can host:

  • Classroom training with tailored syllabus

  • Computer Based Training for advanced neutron & X-ray technologies and/or methods

  • Hands-on training at universities and big-scale facilities

  • Insourcing of industry resources to the LINX organisation across projects and universities

  • Workshops on bespoke and prioritized subjects

  • Shared or pooled scientific resources

  • LINX is the platform and meeting place for the activities

The aim is to prepare and improve ability to gain maximum advantage and value from neutron and X-ray technologies.

LINX Library

LINX Library will dynamically and continuously collect, manage and present all relevant neutron and X-ray related information, ensuring partner and member access and quality control.

The scope and content of the library will be based on industry requirements and there will be a diversified palette of services that creates maximum value for the users:

  • Current articles
    The best suitable scientific and technical articles according to subject.
  • Simulation tools
    An extract from various LINX activities where simulation parameters and references can be made.
  • Visualisation tools
    Standardised illustrations of scientific measurements and conclusions.
  • Multimedia clips
    Modern and comprehensive presentations of lectures and theoretical models.
  • Modelling software
    Standard models for methodology and test preparation.
  • Contact to experts
    Section on FAQ and discussions as well as coordinated contact to the LINX experts.

The LINX Library is designed to be dynamic, up-to-date, maintain a high level of quality and will grow as the users require new knowledge and information, and the LINX scientists support with input to the library platform.

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News & Events

Read our latest news and see all events. The Event Calendar include both LINX activities and others events that has connection to neutrons and X-rays.

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