The New Board

LINX saw a number of changes to its board. Click and read more to see the changes.


Another Year with LINX

What a General Assembly. No handshaking. No cakes. No smalltalk. Nevertheless, it was a good and forward-looking meeting.


Stretching very thin polymer films

A team from Tetra Pak and University of Copenhagen travelled to DESY Hamburg for X-ray scattering measurements of packages undergoing mechanical deformation.


Interview with Kell Mortensen

Kell is presenting a few highlights by looking back at the past 35 years as a scientist, at the instrument he has built and tells us what it means for him to win Walter Hälg prize 2019


Welcome to Hazel Reardon

It is a pleasure to welcome Hazel to the LINX team as LINX branch manager at Aarhus University. Hazel was awarded her Masters degree from the University of Strathclyde (Glasgow, UK) in 2008, which included a one year industrial placement at INEOS Technologies (Grangemouth, UK).


LINX’ activities in 2019

In LINX we have a programme full of exciting activities in 2019! As always, we have two LINX workshops(the first incl. our General assembly) where LINX will present our latest results and fuel the networks.