New catheter heals and prevent bladder infections

Peter Thomsen, Biomodics, and Erik Brok, University of Copenhagen
Peter Thomsen, CEO at Biomodics (left), and Erik Brok, researcher at University of Copenhagen (right), have together delivered exciting results through the LINX Association.
Photo: Mikal Schlosser/Copenhagen Science City.

The Confederation of Danish Industry (DI) Business wrote in its newsletter that Biomodics has, through LINX, worked with some of Denmark’s skilled experts in neutron-radiation. This meant that Biomodics has made a special balloon to precisely administer a medicine at the exact location of treatment.

The projects was enabled due to LINX, writes DI; Mette Fjord Sørensen who is VP in the organization is quoted for: “The amazing thing about LINX is that companies are being connected to some Danish Universities’ most skilled experts within their respective fields and high-tech facilities in which a single company could never invest. This is a unique opportunity.”

Until now, Biomodics has primarily delivered materials for medical equipment, but the collaboration with LINX and scientists has sprouted an interest for other businesses, says Biomodics-CEO Peter Thomsen, and says to DI: “Lately we have experienced a large interest from battery producers, which is an area we would like to work more in.”

He emphasizes that collaborations and networking has always been a cornerstone in Biomodics’ work.

Read the whole article on DI’s website – SMV’s teknologiske gennembrud kan hjælpe 16.000 hospitalspatienter.

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