Mission & Scope


To create an ecosystem of companies, academic institutions and other relevant actors with an ambition to utilize advanced neutron- and X-ray techniques to facilitate understanding and development of new materials, processes and biological systems. We will strive to increase industry engagement and lower barriers to entry to such technologies by providing working networks, leadership and communication of the possibilities.


We focus on solving real world industry challenges. Our network centers around applied research questions of industrial and commercial relevance as well as advances in basic science. The field of interest is first and foremost Danish companies, but we accommodate and welcome companies and institutions of other nationalities to the extent that it supports our mission.

While these real-world problems exist in the realms of industry, they are operationalized and then solved in a joint effort with academia. Other commercial institutions offer consulting, educational and laboratory services to help companies compete in a world of increasing technological complexity. We are a neutral non-profit collaborator to these institutions and we have no research or testing facilities of our own. What we offer is a way for companies to connect with the scientific infrastructure, networks and knowledge base at universities and large-scale facilities to look closer at fundamental materials issues, not just to answer questions, but to suggest – or have suggested to them – entire new, and previously unthought of, avenues of inquiry.