What is LINX?

Linking Industry to Neutrons and X-ray technology

LINX is a valuable and innovative facilitator of collaboration between universities and industry within the area of neutrons and X-ray technology.

Being established in 2016, LINX is releasing the great potential of the established industry portal and continue to generate value through the many projects, workshops and networks connecting the scientific and commercial world. The collaborations take place in a highly innovative but confidential setting, with access to both large-scale facilities and university labs, giving the possibility of exploring the nature of materials in the most detailed manner thus enabling complex analysis with conclusive and clear results.

LINX is consolidated on three main pillars that help facilitate the activities between science and industry:

  • Collaboration – LINX encourages and facilitates partnering between science and industry by offering an excellent collaboration framework based on a mature model, experience and best practices.
  • Innovation – LINX helps the industry to benefit from science by cultivating the development of applicable knowledge. Through dissemination and actual project execution the latest knowledge is put into action.
  • Communication – As a neutral and non-profit organisation, LINX offers the perfect framework as “a safe heaven” for sharing, learning and creating for industries engaging in differenciating excellence and forward-thinking solutions, as well as standing out as attractive employers.

LINX makes businesses, institutions, facilities and geographies around it, stand out as prosperous and attractive for partners and members to engage with. The aim is to prepare and educate the personal and organizational ability to gain maximum advantage and value out of the neutron and X-ray technologies.

Would you like to join LINX and be brought au-jour with all the developments in the area of neutrons and X-rays? Then, let’s talk!