The LINX Team

LINX Management

Jacob Becker-Christensen
Jacob Becker-ChristensenLINX Director
Tel.: +45 2065 6862

As leader of the LINX Association Jacob works with keeping and upholding the satisfaction of the entire membership, bringing value to it and help it grow. Jacob is also the interface to the three core universities (Aarhus University, Copenhagen University, the Technical University of Denmark) which is the combined “factory floor” for all scientific activity in LINX. Jacob has a Ph.D. background in materials chemistry and extensive experience with industrial-academic collaboration. He also possesses a broad background in science dissemination reaching back to 2001. Empowered by that he leads the LINX Association’s communications team and defines its range of services for members as well as third-parties.

Martin Ljungstrøm Nielsen
Martin Ljungstrøm NielsenLINX Admin
Tel.: +45 3070 4370

Martin is the author of LINX Solutions, where his task is to rewrite the collaborative projects between the associated company member universities and companies of LINX. He does so by translating the language of project reports to layman speech. Martin also functions as LINX’s day-to-day administrative worker. His background is as a Techno-Anthropologist and has specialized in building bridges between technologies and humans. He has an interest in facilitating co-creation between decisionmakers, designers and end-users.

Annelise Mølvig
Annelise MølvigCommunications Specialist
Tel.: +45 4127 0700

Along with Niels, Annelise is dedicated to promoting LINX’ members and their achievements by reaching out to key media players – newspapers, magazines and TV by writing press releases, contributing chronicles and op-ed-pieces and maintaining LINX’ LinkedIn and Twitter profiles. Annelise also conducts writing and communications seminars, in addition to teaching seminars on podcast production in Greenland and producing her own podcast “Grønlandske Livshistorier” (Life Stories from Greenland).

Niels Halfdan Hansen
Niels Halfdan HansenCommunications Specialist
Tel.: +45 4189 7467

Together with Annelise, Niels strives to get newspapers, magazines and television interested in covering LINX’s projects. He also creates presentations for the media, writes debate posts and pushes LINX’s activities on LinkedIn and Twitter. Niels is a freelance journalist, but originally trained as a geologist specializing in climate and climate history. In addition to his work at LINX, he writes articles for popular science magazines, workout magazines and trade journals. He also conducts courses for researchers and others with a university background in communication, science writing and social media.

LINX Scientific Directors

Bo Brummerstedt Iversen
Bo Brummerstedt IversenProfessor at Aarhus University (AU)
Tel.: +45 8715 5982 or +45 2778 2887
Henning Friis Poulsen
Henning Friis PoulsenProfessor at Technical University of Denmark (DTU)
Tel.: +45 4525 3119
Lise Arleth
Lise ArlethPro dean at University of Copenhagen (KU)
Tel.: +45 3533 4795
Poul Nissen
Poul NissenProfessor at Aarhus University (AU)
Tel.: +45 2899 2295 or +45 8715 5508

LINX Branch Managers

Sina Baier-Stegmaier
Sina Baier-StegmaierResearch Engineer at Danmarks Tekniske Universitet (DTU)
Tel.: +45 93510669
Jacob Kirkensgaard
Jacob KirkensgaardAssociate Professor at University of Copenhagen (KU)
Tel.: +45 2374 6863
Aske Møller Jørgensen
Aske Møller JørgensenCenter Manager, Interdisciplinary Nanoscience Center - INANO-Kemi at Aarhus University (AU)
Tel.: +45 9352 1547

LINX Board

Richard Larsen
Richard Larsen(Chairman), Confederation of Danish Industry
Jane Hvolbæk Nielsen
Jane Hvolbæk Nielsen(Vice Chairman), Technical University of Denmark
Bo Brummerstedt Iversen,
Bo Brummerstedt Iversen,Aarhus University
Peter Thomsen,
Peter Thomsen,Biomodics
Jakob Øster,
Jakob Øster,The Capital Region Of Denmark
Ove Munch,
Ove Munch,Frichs Pyrolysis
Jakob Schmidt,
Jakob Schmidt,Exruptive
Gerd Schluckebier,
Gerd Schluckebier,Novo Nordisk
Hao Yin,
Hao Yin,TEGnology
Lise Arleth,
Lise Arleth,University of Copenhagen

LINX Association

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