LINX Offers

This is what we offers:

  • We help companies get expertise from universities in the easiest and cheapest way
  • We mediate companies access to university facilities, their equipment and know-how
  • We take a lead on getting funding for the collaboration. Specifically, we author applications, insofar it can be done with any particular project case

Our area of operation is physical products and process equipment (i.e. materials). We generally help companies with (1) product development, (2) lifetime assessments, (3) documentation data or (4) troubleshooting.

The tool that we use is X-rays. Basically, it is a microscope that sees not only surfaces but also what is going on inside things, invisibly to the naked eye. One advantage is that X-rays are non-destructive, i.e. the product/equipment piece remains intact.

LINX has three avenues of operation, as linked to below:

  • “Solutions” (help company innovation, obtain funding)
  • “Learning” (get knowledge out there)
  • “Promotion” (outreach & media campaigning)

Jacob Becker-Christensen, LINX CEO.