LINX’ Workshop Was Exhilarating & Enlightening

LINX workshop 2021
Credit: LINX.

Our long-awaited LINX workshop took place August 19, 2021. It was exhilarating to see how much the association has accomplished. And it was fascinating to learn about what kind of innovation LINX supports. Participants were excited about the level of mutual trust, full cooperation and unique knowledge they could share with each other.

Sonny Massahi, CHEXS, talked about “Taking X-Rays to the Workshop: The Novice SME Perspective”. Martin Alm, Biomodics, talked about “LINX & Biomodics – The Experienced SME”. Christel Andersson, Tetra Pak, gave a talk titled “Inside Tetra Pak: Our Journey with LINX”.

Keynote speaker, Henning Friis Poulsen, Professor at DTU, talked about “LINX – The Creation and Development of an Industry Portal”.

Finally Branch Managers Erik Brok, KU, Maja Krüger Thomsen, AU, and Carsten Gundlach, DTU, told the participants about “The LINX Branch Universities: Deep and Special Relationships”.

Our own CEO Jacob Becker-Christensen talked about “The Living Lab of LINX”.

Completing the series of talks, Niels Halfdan Hansen and Annelise Mølvig, our Communications Specialists, talked briefly about “best practices in communicating innovation”.

It was the first genuine, personal, physical workshop of the LINX Association since the Covid pandemic, and it was a blast! The audience participated with excellent questions and radiated plenty of energy.

Our next workshop may come sooner than you think. We hope for an autumn with several more “3D” / in-person events.

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