LINX Solutions

Is your company working on some innovation opportunity – or perhaps a challenge? Is it related to a physical product or process equipment? Is it related to materials? LINX can likely help, LINX Solutions is a tour-de-inspiration of added tools for your company’s workbench. The tour is based in archetypical challenges faced by many – see below.

Click around and see if something inspires you. The intra-university network accessible to LINX, as well as the Association’s skills with funding applications, may be a real answer to the needs of your company.

Alternatively, call our CEO Jacob anytime on +45 2065 6862. Have a talk about your situation and how LINX may potentially help. It is a super-fast way to value creation just around the corner.


LINX Association is a one-stop-shop that provides access to not only advanced knowledge, but also troubleshooting, an innovation platform and a network.

Hao Yin
CTO, TEGnology