LINX Promotion

We can make your project work EVEN more valuable! How? Quite simple – by bringing your results, your solutions, and profiles out into the public domain, to the attention of private as well as public stakeholders, politicians and other decisionmakers. Those with ideas, those with influence and those with money.

LINX has an extremely competent communications team which specializes in “translating” results and solutions from collaborations between industry and universities into regular layman speech.

We use two approaches: (1) Single-page project case descriptions and (2) active promotion in printed media, online or TV. Both are standard services in all LINX-mediated projects. However, it is also a service provided for 3rd-parties subject to requirement of public outreach:

  • Public-private consortia (e.g. Grand Solutions projects)
  • Publicly funded research communities
  • Large-scale research institutions with need of broader outreach

In major public projects (consortia), LINX can also be included in the application as a junior partner tasked with the whole promotion/outreach aspect of the project. Our value proposition to the consortium is that it will be more likely to get funding in the first place if it can present a credible dissemination strategy.

In all LINX dissemination the level is naturally very general. IPR-sensitive content (if any) is either not included or played down to something broad and archetypal.

Fundamentally, the idea is that everybody out there – company owners, knowledge institutions, private individuals, politicians – should have the opportunity to discover the great work carried out and be inspired from it.

That is how “more” becomes “more”.

Examples of LINX Promotion