LINX-member among Børsen’s Gazelle companies, 2020

Xnovo Technology
Erik Mejdal Lauridsen has taken a photo of the prize and the employees present at the time; as he says: They have made this prize possible.
Credit: Erik Mejdal Lauridsen, Xnovo Technology.

The chief editor of Børsen wrote, Gazelle companies inspire us all in a hard time, and they are the backbone of Danish business. To be awarded a Gazelle a company must have doubled its revenue in the last four year, and it must have a profit in its latest financial statement.

Xnovo Technology works with 3D visualization data for imaging in close collaboration with leading scientists. Xnovos aims to, in certain subjects, offer a “plug & play” solution rather than a full-fledged research project. Which gives more companies access to this kind of technology. Xnovo Technology is a LINX member and has carried through with several projects though LINX collaborations.

Erik Mejdal Lauridsen is behind the company. In 2019 there was 1885 companies that made it through the eye of the needle and was awarded with the Gazelle of 2020. Xnovo has, through the last four years, had a growth of 240.3 % according to Børsen and has had a gross profit of a little more than six million kroners in 2019. The editor in chief continued in his congratulations to the Gazelles, that they defy economical laws of nature, and that they are unyielding in pursuit of their dreams.

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