Photo: Perry Nordeng.

Erik Brok from University of Copenhagen and the LINX Communications team has jointly written an awesome article on X-Ray and neutron technology. It has now been published in the Danish online-magazine, which disseminates on research and recent scientific advances (mainly Danish) for the wider public. It is extremely gratifying to see LINX in there, portrayed as the envoy of industry in a world of hardcore university science.

Once more, a nod of apology to our foreign friends and partners who have decided not to wreck their tongues (and minds) on the intricacies of Danish language. Unfortunately, it is not always possible for us to publish in English, and we must seize the opportunities we get.

…Meanwhile, all ye strong and faithful, we place our hope and trust in Google Translate. Despair not, even if failing it should at least provide you with an easy laugh on X absurd translations of Danish idioms.

Read the article – Røntgen- og neutronstråler kan være nøglen i kampen mod COVID-19 – og meget andet (in Danish).

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