LINX Director: Here is the formula for green success

Jacob Becker-Christensen, LINX CEO
Jacob Becker-Christensen, LINX CEO
Credit: LINX.

Debate: With innovation platforms the green agenda has a winning partnership format, writes Jacob Becker-Christensen

Innovation Fund Denmark has recently presented its Innomissions. An investment of 700 million kroners., which address the green agenda with four themes: CO2-storage, green fuels, eco-friendly agriculture, and pollution control. Utilize the partnership format as in LINX, advices Jacob Becker-Christensen

The green agenda is upon us. Innovation Fund Denmark has understood this and acted upon it with the presentation of their so called Innomissions with a collective budget of 700 million kroners. Each Innomission must be comprised of “one or more partnerships”, which mush cover fields like, strategic research, capacity set-up, talent set-up, and concrete project activities. Innomissions thus involve many types of institution – herein universities, for example boards and regions of the public sector, as well as the private business community. But how does one ensure success in collaborations with this kind of complexity? LINX-Director Jacob Becker-Christensen thinks the answer is innovation platforms such as LINX.

Read his debate piece on Danish Science Report: Forpligtende partnerskaber grundlægger grøn succes.

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