LINX 2nd Biannual Workshop & Extraordinary General Assembly 2022

Remember to sign up for the LINX 2nd Biannual Workshop & Extraordinary General Assembly 2022 which will take place Monday December 5th from 12-16 at Industriens Hus.


  • 12:00 Arrival & Registration
  • 12:30 Welcome, LINX Biannual Workshop (CEO, Jacob-Becker Christensen, LINX)
  • 12.35 Keynote: Materials as Strategic Assets (Mikkel Haarder, Conf. of Danish Industry)
  • 13.00 Unleashing Materials: Experience from the Danish Industry Foundation (Anders Kusk, Danish Industry Foundation)
  • 13:25 Networking & Coffee
  • 14:05 Industrial materials challenges and using neutrons/X-rays to solve them (Nikolaj Zangenberg, DTI)
  • 14.35 Workshop on industrial applications and collaborations (Nikolaj Zangenberg, DTI and Henrik Løvbjerg Lindeløv, FORCE)
  • 14:55 Coffee break
  • 15:10 LINX Extraordinary General Assembly 2022 (see the agenda below)
  • 16:00 The end

The LINX Extraordinary general Assembly agenda:

  1. Election of meeting chairperson and minute taker
  2. Report from the current chairman of Board of Directors
  3. Report from committees:
    1. Committee on future development of the LINX Association
  4. Consideration of proposals received duly from member
  5. Presentation of proposed budget for 2023
  6. Decision of Membership Fees
  7. A.o.B./other proposals

This event is for LINX members only.

Please sign up at the latest November 25th to

If you have any questions, please contact Martin Kłusak Ljungstrøm at

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