Jellyfish and LINX in Danish TV2 weather

Photo: Annelise Mølvig, LINX.

LINX featured in one of its more unusual outlets: Viewers of the weather forecast on Danish TV2 on July 22, 2020 were able to see assoc. prof. and food scientist Mathias Porsmose Clausen, University of Southern Denmark, talk about jellyfish – in the context of future foods.

Via LINX Association and University of Copenhagen, Mathias & co. got access to small-angle scattering – an X-ray based method to look at the molecular composition of jellyfish. TV2’s weather anchor looked at a live jellyfish and was surprised that crunchy chips could be made from it – with Mathias happily sharing his recipe. Discussion followed on the possibility of jellyfish being a staple of human food at some point in the future. Before the cameras went on, the weather anchor listened avidly to LINX’ CEO Jacob Becker-Christensen who detailed the many ways X-rays can be applied to food science.

Watch the TV2 weather clip.

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