Prof. Kell Mortensen received the Walter Hälg prize

Professor in X-ray and neutron scattering at Niels Bohr Institute, Copenhagen University, Kell Mortensen is the first Danish scientist to receive the Walter Hälg prize for his outstanding work during 35 years of his career. We are humbled to have had Kell in our LINX studio early July to tell us about his huge contribution to science within neutrons scattering, polymer dynamics and hydrogel to name a few.

Kell is presenting a few highlights by looking back at the past 35 years as a scientist, at the instrument he has built and tells us what it means for him to win this prize. With outstanding springboard for the science, both locally but also worldwide, he is leaving an important footprint for science. In the outcome of his excellence, Kell Mortensen is behind the reason that the European Spalation Source (ESS) came to Greater Copenhagen area, thus setting ground for industrial value to be gained in the future but also attract scientific talent to the area.

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