Fiscal law 2021 with 200 million kr. earmarked for pyrolysis

Credit: Ministry of Finance.

LINX members can pull on the platform’s communications specialists for an added media presence and larger exposure. LINX has helped Frichs Pyrolysis in Horsens to get their technology widely known in the public domain. Here, Frichs has been in the national weather broadcast DR Vejret via the “climate-section”, and a debate piece in Altinget – the Danish counterpart to Politico. Frichs has explained and given the public a deeper insight into their technology and the potential positive climate footprint it may have.

One of the major offers of LINX Association to our members are the communicative assets within the communications team in LINX. The association strives to continually promote and raise awareness, private as well as public, about the work and positive results made by companies and knowledge institutions. Moreover, there is a focus on promoting members individually and create publicity for wider public knowledge for individual companies and their potentials. It is of upmost importance for members to get their message heard so they become household names. With the work put in the added media coverage for Frichs Pyrolysis, the addition of 200 million kroners (ca. 27 million euros) to the Fiscal Law 2021 explicitly for pyrolysis has been happy news for LINX and its member Frichs Pyrolysis in Horsens.

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