LINX focus workshop: Sorption of liquids and humidity (WP6)

18-10-04 11:00 - 15:00
Address: LM Wind Power, Østre Allé, 6640 Lunderskov

Industry participants in this work package (WP): Grundfos, LM Wind Power and VELUX.

University participants in this WP: Aarhus University, Copenhagen University and Technical University of Denmark.
Other participants: LINX and other LINX members.

LM Wind Power will be hosting the event.

Tentativ agenda:

11:00 Welcome
11:10 Presentation about LM Wind Power
11:25 Case presentation from DESY: in-situ/in-operando measurements of adsorption processes using synchrotron light
11:35 Case presentation from RISE: Structural determination of cellulose paper during water purification
11:45 Case presentation from DTI: Measuring hydrogen absorbed in steel
11:55 Updates from the focus projects
12:10 Dynamic wetting of single fibers
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Sorption in wind turbine blades
13:30 Methods used in the sorption area. What types of analysis can be done? What is the sorption-challenges at the companies and the opportunities at the universities?
14:00 Open discussion: Potential new projects, collaboration, and how to gain most from WP6
15:00 Goodbye
15:01 Tour of LM Wind Power Brand Center (voluntary participation, app. 30 min)

This workshop is for LINX members only.

Please contact if you wish to participate in the workshop or have questions.

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