LINX focus workshop: Colloid materials (WP4)

18-04-17 11:00 - 15:00
Address: BioModics, Fjeldhammervej 15, 2610 Rødovre

Company participants in this work package (WP): Novo Nordisk and BioModics.

University participants in this WP: University of Copenhagen.
Other participants: Aarhus University, Technical University of Denmark, LINX and other LINX members.

BioModics will be hosting the meeting.


  • Welcome
  • Presentation about Biomodics
  • Short introduction to Novo Nordisk and their interests in colloids
  • Short introduction to Rockwool and their interest in colloids
  • Introduction to SESANS, a technique that can extend the length scale of SAXS/SANS into the micrometer range
  • Short overview of performed activities in WP4 (this to set the scene for next part)
  • Lunch
  • Discussions about possible common interests between the partners. Could there be any common projects?
  • Plans going forward
  • Discussion about how to gain most from WP4
  • Short tour of BioModics (voluntary participation)

This workshop is for LINX members only.

Please contact if you wish to participate in this meeting or have questions.

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