Workshop: Northern Lights on Food

19-03-26 12:00 - 19-03-27 13:00
Kulturen museum, Lund, Sweden
Address: Kulturen museum, Tegnérsplatsen 6, 223 50 Lund, Sweden

How can MAX IV and ESS boost Nordic food science and technology?

Fully understanding the complexity of food and food processes requires a new toolbox. Sweden has made large investments in research infrastructures that offer unique opportunities for the food industry and food science and technology. These tools can help tackle the challenges for future development of food science relating to:

  • How does processing influence food quality and structure and how can processing be optimized.
  • How does the micro and macro structure of food products and production influence the sensory perception, e.g. taste.
  • How can we enhance the health benefits of food products through optimized composition and processing.
  • How can the environmental impact of food and its production be reduced.
  • How can we improve food packaging to maximize food security and longevity whilst also minimizing environmental impacts.

Now is the time to create the user community in the food sector that can shape the facilities in terms of access, sample environments and instruments. Together it will be discussed how these unique tools can contribute to the ongoing and future research in food science and technology and solving industrial and societal challenges in the food area.

Join for a lunch to lunch workshop on 26th and 27th of March 2019 in the heart of Lund at Kulturen. A tour and presentation of MAX IV and ESS will be organized on the 26th of March followed by a dinner at Flädie Mat & Vingård where scientific discussions will be intertwined with a tour of the Vineyard. The program will consist of inspiring invited talks, contributed short talks and group discussions. It is an aim to publish the results of the discussions in a report.

Researchers and product developers from industry, academic researchers, funding agencies, policy makers and anybody who has an interest in food of the future are welcome. Short contributing talks are welcome.

LINXS is co-organising the workshop together with MAX IV and RISE.

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