Virtual: Day of the Research: Discovering the world of organic solar cells with X-rays

21-04-27 17:00 - 21-04-28 18:00

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Credit: Ministry of Higher Education and Science.

Every year Denmark has a proclaimed “Day of the Research” (which has now become a week, but never mind). With it researchers of all colours, far and wide, get the opportunity to tell about their research to the general population in a slew of different events, ranging from talks to debate panels, quizzes, interactive exercise and much more. The doors are thrown open – insofar as a digital, corona-proof event has doors – on the 23rd through 29th of April.

This year LINX has been created as one of the organizers to set up contributions. 3 talks (see furthest down), specifically, from within our area of X-rays and neutrons. The below is one of our talks.


“Discovering the world of organic solar cells with X-rays”, Ph.D. stud. Mariam Ahmad, SDU NanoSYD

Organic solar cells. Credit: SDU
Credit: SDU.

Did you know that the sun is our cleanest and greatest source of energy, and that it – as such – is one of our most important weapons in the fight against climate change?

Solar cells are devices that can convert solar energy into electricity. Organic solar cells are a new type of solar cell that is paper-thin, transparent, flexible, and easy to mass produce and install – unlike the classic silicon-based solar cells.

Organic solar cells consist of different layers of thin film, all of which contribute to the function of the cells. It is important that these thin films have the right properties and can “work together” in order for the solar cells to achieve high performance. Therefore, when making new materials for solar cells, they need to be examined carefully to determine if they have the right properties to increase the efficiency.

In this regard, X-rays play an important role, as they are the perfect tool to dive into the world of thin films and understand their contribution to the performance of organic solar cells.

Come and listen to PhD student Mariam Ahmad, SDU NanoSYD, talk about the work with the organic solar cells.


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All 3 LINX talks at Forskningens Døgn:

  • Researchers steal from nature” by Ph.D. scient. Martin Alm, BioModics Aps
  • The Nordic Region will be a mecca for world-leading research in new materials” by prof. Kim Lefmann, Niels Bohr Institute, University of Copenhagen
  • Discovering the world of organic solar cells with X-rays” by Ph.D. stud. Mariam Ahmad, SDU NanoSYD

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