Virtual: SwedNESS PhD school: Neutrons in Life Science and Biomaterials

21-06-14 10:00 - 21-06-18 23:00

From the event website: The aim of the course is to expose SwedNESS students to state-of-the-art neutron methodology in Life Science, and to provide a widened knowledge and experience basis for using biomaterials in their own research as a basis for building functional hypotheses. Examples of how neutron methods in Life Science can be used to increased functional understanding and develop novel concepts will be given by internationally recognised expertise. Theory and examples of best-practice will be presented within the following areas: Proteins, Lipids, Carbohydrates, Structure and dynamics, Cells and surfaces, and Industrial applications. Exercises will include both hands-on evaluation of real neutron data in-silico as well as literature studies and beam time proposal writing. The aim of the course is to prepare for active use of neutrons in own research projects as well as to develop neutron experiments and methodology for other life science application in general, including biomaterials and biomedical applications like drug delivery.

Event details

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  • Language: English
  • Location: Virtual

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