MADE Open Lab: Digitaliseret automation med robotter

17-08-29 10:00 - 15:00

Come to Open Lab and experience the benefits of thinking digitalization and robotics together as robots and automation contribute to improving productivity in Danish companies every day.

In MADE, researchers and practitioners are working to make the flexible robots easy to implement in Danish manufacturing companies. One part of this is the use of simulations that allow you to test your robot configuration before it is put into operation or before making a change. At MADE Open Lab, you will come close to a range of collaborative robots and automation solutions. You will see examples of how companies use digital twins and 3D simulations to predict how an setup will work. Businesses and experts give you insight into how researchers work together with companies and what profits the companies are reaping.

MADE Open Lab is therefore especially suitable for those seeking knowledge and inspiration to make your business more digital.


Event details:

  • Details and the program.
  • Registration fee: Free.
  • Registration before: August 21st.
  • Language: Danish and a bit in English.
  • Maximum number of participants: 80.

Visit the event’s webpage, MADE Open lab: Digitaliseret automation med robotter, to know more or register.

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