LINX Annual Meeting 2017 (incl. LINX Workshop)

17-05-19 12:00 - 18:00
Symbion Konference Center
Address: Fruebjergvej 3, 2100 Copenhagen Ø, Denmark

12:15-12:30 Registration by Tanni Abramovitz
12:30-12:45 Welcome and a light lunch by Jimmy Binderup Andersen
12:45-13:15 Invited talk: European XFEL – Set-up and status by Robert Feidenhans’l, European XFEL

Prof. Robert Feidenhans’l, a renowned X-ray scientist, was appointed as the new Chairman of the Management Board of the European XFEL in October 2016. He will provide an inside perspective of the European XFEL, which will generate ultrashort X-ray flashes—27 000 times per second and with a brilliance that is a billion times higher than that of the best conventional X-ray radiation sources.

13:20-13:50 Colloid materials by Lise Arleth (KU)

Colloids are found in everyday items such as food and dairy products, cosmetics, detergents, paints and pharmaceutical formulations. A colloid is a mixture in which one substance of microscopically dispersed insoluble particles is suspended throughout another substance. In this talk, Lise Arleth and her NBI-team will demonstrate how X-rays and neutron small angle scattering (SAXS & SANS) are applied to investigate the complex nano structure of protein based drugs and interpenetrating polymer networks (IPNs) in two different LINX focus projects.

13:55-14:15 LINX Network Coffee Break
14:15-14:45 Sorption of liquids and humidity by Lise Arleth (KU), Jacob Becker (AU) & Carsten Gundlach (DTU)

Four different industrial partners and all three universities are engaged in the Sorption Focus Area, where a combination of X-ray and neutron imaging and small angle scattering techniques are used to study liquid sorption and transport through materials or along material interfaces to better understand their properties after exposure to liquids or humidity over an extended time period. The latest progress and findings will be presented.

14:50-15:20 Fiber structure and dynamics by Anders Dahl (DTU)

Anders Dahl and his team from the DTU Imaging Centre will present results from their latest development of tools for analysis of fibers structures (both individually and as an ensemble) for 3D visualization and unravelling of the internal orientation, form and structure.

15:25-15:55 Materials at operating and processing conditions by Jacob Becker (AU) & Carsten Gundlach (DTU)

In order to predict a sustainable and viable lifetime of products, a detailed knowledge of the underlying material structure at the atomic level is vital to understand material structure, properties and degradation during operating and processing conditions. Examples will be given from the four different focus projects that have been carried out in this Focus Area, where diffraction and imaging studies have been used to investigate how different materials behave during actual use.

15:55-16:10 LINX Network Coffee Break
16:10-16:40 Quality assurance by Carsten Gundlach (DTU)

Quality control is of increasing interest for production lines at many of the LINX partners, and at the same time presents a growth area for the Danish X-ray business. Hence, renewal and development of a more modern day X-ray technology in scanners for industrial inspection with energy dispersive detectors represent an unexploited business opportunity, where know-how from the synchrotron community can be transformed into industrial R&D benefit and quality assurance. Carsten Gundlach and his DTU Physics team will discuss the prospects of some of these new future possibilities.

16:45-17:00 General discussion by Jimmy Binderup Andersen
17:00-18:00 General Assembly by Dorthe Lybye, Chairman of the LINX board
18:00 Closing and goodbye by Jimmy Binderup Andersen

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