Workshop: 2nd Northern Lights on Food Masterclass 2021

21-11-15 - 21-11-19 All day

From the event website: Structural properties of food are multi-dimensional and we therefore need to understand their structure at various length and time scales. They control storage qualities, uptake and nutritional value as well as texture and perception. Key challenges for food scientist and product developers in academia and food industry concerns the whole production, from raw material quality, starting with seed quality and plant breeding, to food processing and the final product. The quality of the product is also determined by packaging and how the food interacts with packaging during storage and consumer handling.

Techniques available at Large-Scale Research Infrastructure MAX IV Laboratory and the European Spallation Source, ESS, include spectroscopic, imaging and scattering techniques based on either X-rays or neutrons. These techniques allow us to obtain detailed compositional maps of food materials and obtain structural information ranging from the atomic, nano- to the micrometer scale not only of the final products, but also during processing and when the food product is digested.


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The event is arranged by LINXS.


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