Conference: 25th IUCr congress satellite SAXS/SANS & BioSAXS/BioSANS school 2021

21-08-11 - 21-08-13 All day

From the event website: The school is intended to provide participants with brief theoretical background of small-angle scattering theory, followed by introduction to application of SAXS (and SANS) in Biological field (protein SAXS/SANS) and materials SAXS/SANS fields. Majority of the time will be in parallel sessions where lecturers will demonstrate examples of analysis of typical cases using standard commonly used software packages. Participants will be encouraged to follow instructors on their own computers. This course is intended for students and young scientists attending IUCr meeting.

Event details

  • Check out the events webpage
  • Language: English
  • Location: Kutná Hora, Czech Republic
  • Registration fee: About 140 EUR (3500 CZK)

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