Danish beamline at the synchrotron, MAX IV, is soon ready

Max IV, by Perry Nordeng
Max IV.
Credit: Perry Nordeng.

DanMAX is an advanced measuring station, a beamline, which is adapted to Danish needs. As written by Ingeniøren both on the frontpage and as an article in the paper. Besides writing about the synchrotron MAX IV and the Danish beamline, DanMAX, Ingeniøren also writes about ESS, which is under construction.

The article describes how MAX IV delivers X-ray radiation, while ESS is a neutronsource. While DanMAX and MAX IV are almost done, ESS is ready for its first guests in 2023.

Because the research facilities will improve Danish researchers’ and companies’ accessibility to incredibly unique possibilities Denmark is invested technologically and economically in both facilities. DanMAX manager Mads Ry Jørgensen expects that the best researchers from across the globe will come to DanMAX to use it because of the high-quality scientific possibilities there.

Ingeniøren writes that both X-ray and neutron radiation is applicable for studying the atomic or molecular build of high-tech materials, medicines, archeological finds and, much more. In other instances, neutron radiation is more appropriate.

To help Danish companies access the synchrotron LINX was, in 2016, created. LINX is a nonprofit organization with a member base ranging from universities and companies to organizations.

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