Become a member

Becoming a member of LINX is easy – but first, let us make sure that we can actually bring value to your company and talk through your innovation needs.
The way is simple:

  1. Call our CEO Jacob on +45 2065 6862
  2. Get a meeting set up, either physically or virtually to talk through your needs
  3. Let Jacob contact potential university partners and get their input
  4. If you are happy with the development, discuss an actual project with Jacob. Get confirmation from the university partner
  5. Before project launch, or any fundraising efforts, become a member of LINX

Our memberships are annual, and the fee depends on company size:

  • Ph.D-student, individual: 1 DKK
  • Micro-SME (1-10 staff): 5,000 DKK
  • Regular SME (11-250 staff): 10,000 DKK
  • Large company (>251 staff): 25,000 DKK

Apart from project development, consultancies, fundraising, etc., membership of LINX also covers events and workshops throughout the year. Signing out of the LINX Association only requires an e-mail. For details and general formalities, please inspect the Articles of Association via the link below.

Membership of LINX entails accession to a collaboration agreement which applies to all members of the association. The agreement covers IPR-matters, essentially by limiting application to individual fields of use. It exists to enable free sharing of solutions and ideas between LINX members in a confidential way, without compromising IPR or trust. LINX must be able to conduct open science in a closed, confidential space.

The agreement can be inspected via the link below.

It is crafted by 14 companies, 3 universities, 2 Danish public regions and the Confederation of Danish Industry – with companies ranging from micro-SME’s to major international corporations. It is carefully adjusted and adapted to encompass and govern all significant IPR- and legal matters relevant to a public/private association such as LINX.

Call our CEO Jacob on +45 2065 6862 to learn more.

Read the Articles of LINX Association (LINX Association Statutes)

Jacob Becker-Christensen, LINX CEO.