Be proud of Danish innovation, and strengthen it

Hao Yin CEO of TEGnology
Hao Yin CEO of TEGnology.
Credit: Kund Erik Ulstrup.

Hao Yin CEO of TEGnology praises the access to research small companies have and highlights LINX’s role in industry. has brought a long feature written by CEO Hao Yin. Here, he stresses that Denmark must be proud of its innovation system, but if Denmark is to survive as a high-tech nation the system must be reinforced. Otherwise, we will not be able to compete with technologically empowered nations and their resources.

Hao Yin refers to the Prime Minister who, in her New Year’s speech, said that now is the time to combine Danish industry, research, and high ambitions for the climate. Hao Yin also writes it is not only about ambitions for the climate. All entrepreneurs and inventors must have the possibility to evolve and become competitive, such an evolution can have a positive impact onthe BNP, he says. Hao Yin points out, that new technology quickly becomes obsolete.

“We have had sparring sessions, the possibility to try out ideas, and develop them in collaborative projects with some of the most prominent X-ray scientists”, he writes and continues: “We have, through LINX, gotten help from both Arhus University and DTU.”

He also highlights Innovation Fund Denmark and Danscatt and hopes that there will be more innovation platforms in the future, given that Danish economy is heavily based upon the export of sciences, technologies, and experiences.

According to Hao Yin, innovation platforms enable companies to collaborate and evolve together.

Read the feature: Danmark, vær stolte af jeres innovationssystem og styrk det.

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